Formats Offered


Record PlayerVinyl – It’s my passion. The quest for new, undiscovered and classic grooves will never die. I’ve been buying and curating a massive record collection since I was old enough to take the bus to the record store myself, long before the resurgence of the LP as a hip format.I can deliver a full-vinyl show from the funkiest soul and disco to the smoothest yacht rock and 80s jams. I’m equally comfortable with a foot-stompin’ 60s set or a night of classic country.

Let me put together the perfect accompaniment for your event with the warm crackle of well-loved wax.



LaptopĀ – Let’s face it: CDs were never sexy. God bless the pop DJs of the 80s and 90s who hauled their giant clacking cases or hulking binders around to keep the party going. Thankfully, today’s DJs have the luxury of being able to pack hundreds of thousands of songs along to fit any request or mood seamlessly.

Why leave the night up to an iPod shuffle when you can trust it to a trained, loving music obsessive who can provide a continuous and thoughtful mix without any pops or skips? Focus on your party and let me handle the tunes.

VideoVideo – Give your event the extra edge it deserves. In addition to collecting all those records and ripping those CDs, I’ve also been active in trading music videos and live performances since the days of VHS. Starting with my own personal favorites, I’ve been acquiring as many videos as I can get my hands on and incorporating them into live performance.

Nothing takes your 80s or 90s party to the next level like seeing the actual performers, fashions and faces of the era along with the songs you love. Let’s talk and take your event to a new level.